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Energy Healing

Towards Wholeness: Activating Imagination




Healing on an energetic level includes several modalities. It encompasses several different forms of meditation, reiki, prayer and forgiveness, light, sound, including invoking our intention through the use of our minds through imagination. In essence, any technique that harnesses universal energy is a form of energy healing with the goal of bringing about wholeness; the realization of it and its expression of healing. Energetic healing begins on a quantum level, at the level of thought and imagination. What is held as true and real in the mind or our consciousness has the potential to be realized in our reality.

Becoming whole through inner realization has nothing to do with adding anything to you. But rather, it’s a process of releasing, letting go, alchemizing, allowing, breaking old patterns, freeing energy so that it may flow unencumbered. The focus of this article will be the conscious mind and the third eye. Whenever we place an image in our minds, we are engaging the conscious mind through the third eye. The third is the channel between this reality and the quantum field; it unites them through the oneness frequency of inner stillness.

Some things to be mindful of when using imagination are:

  • As you visualize and see healing taking place, come from a belief or knowing that it’s happening now, in the present, in real time.
  • Come from a space of gratitude as your imagining, it amplifies one’s visualization.
  • Approach imagination, or any other intention for that matter, through non-attachment; remove expectation, the how or when and allow universal forces to work without any imposed roadblocks.
  • When you imagine, you are turning the ignition key to manifesting; it starts the universal engine that creates.
  • Let faith and trust overshadow doubt and uncertainty.

Let’s look at an imagination technique and then a simple guided meditation. The first employs the third eye and conscious mind and the meditation uses intention through the extension and expression of unconditional love.


Find a quiet space, somewhere you will be able to visualize without distraction for five to up to twenty minutes, depending on how you comfortable you are. Once you’re comfortable, take a few deep breaths then close your eyes and bring your attention, your awareness inward. If it’s an emotion like anger or worry you’re looking to release, imagine it as a word. You can make it any color you like. Once you’ve imagined the particular emotion as a word, visualize it next to you. Then in your mind, tell it you’re now letting it go. Here is where you can get a little creative: you can imagine taking the word and throwing it away. Or you can imagine it dissolving right before you. Any action that has you letting it go will suffice. Once it has been released in your mind’s eye, take a deep breath and open your eyes. Give thanks that it’s done. This technique can be used as needed; whenever you’re feeling energetically heavy or not so connected with the Source within you, it’s a powerful tool for letting go of the things that no longer serve us while bringing us closer to wholeness.

Intentional Meditation

This simple meditation technique’s focus is on clearing away negative energy that may be attached to a particular chakra or area of the physical body. What can happen is when we’re faced with an illness or condition that has lasted for a particular amount of time, the conditioned response is to react to it, and at times, feel negatively about it. The goal here is to free the energy block in a particular area through intention.

Find a quiet spot and get comfortable. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few breaths and drop your shoulders. Just let go. Next, place your awareness on the area that has expressed symptoms. Feel the energy of the area for a few moments without judgment. What does the energy in that area feel like? Can you identify it? It is tension, worry or anger? You could ask the energy in that area the following question if it’s not so clear: “what emotion do you represent?” Pay attention and see if an answer is given. If not, you can still continue with the meditation. After a minute of just being aware of the energy in the area, begin to send it unconditional love by extending kindness, compassion and gratitude to the area for three or four minutes. Reflect on the body’s amazing healing potential and then allow that feeling of love to wash over all of you. Once you’re done, take a deep breath and open your eyes. How does the area feel now? If you’ve found that it has had a positive energetic effect, feel free to make this short meditation a daily or every other day routine. Let go of expectations and just let the universe within do its thing; allow the possibility of wholeness to be expressed on its own timeline.

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Energy Healing

The Healing Power of Oneness



The Healing Power of Oneness

Before we look into the restorative and energy healing power of being one with the Self, we have to take a look at the cause of our energy disruption. A clear picture is needed to reveal what separation does to our energetic field and how it spills onto other aspects of our lives. When we operate primarily through the egoic or conditioned mind, we create energetic barriers between ourselves and Source Energy. Universal energy is always flowing to us and through us but it’s mainly fear, which is in essence the ego, that blocks that energy from fully extending to us. A result of that energy blockage could impact our feeling of being grounded or create an inability to express ourselves in relationships, for example.

When we allow these energy blockages to go unchecked, they have a tendency to accumulate or layer upon each other, a form of fear that is. Here is one thing to be mindful with regards to fear; it was never intended to keep one stuck energetically, but rather be the catalyst to awakening. These energetic blocks we experience as human beings serve a purpose. They serve as a way to show us what’s not working to those who become aware of them. These energy blocks speak to us, and essentially beg us to acknowledge and face them, forgive if necessary and release them as to welcome back inner balance.

Fear at one point or another has created roadblocks in our lives; the fear of failure, the fear of loss, the fear of abandonment and even the fear of change and success. These all begin with energy and the solution is one that is spiritual in nature. Becoming aware and identifying the fear is the starting point to greater self-awareness, it puts us more in tune with our physical bodies and the energy within and surrounding us. Not having that conscious connection with our authentic self, our spiritual nature, is what allows fear to affect us energetically. Separation, the belief that we’re separate from the highest self, not knowing the truth of who we are in Source, is what gives us that feeling of being on this journey alone. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Separation is an illusion. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we’ve been conditioned to believe that Source is outside of us. But here’s the thing; Source is All That Is. Source becomes what Source creates. It’s only a lack of awareness that closes us off from the direct experience of who we really are. Oneness, its realization is that which heals us energetically, activates and lights up our chakras and heals the thought of separation. In the light of consciousness, the darkness is revealed as illusory in nature, allowing for it to be consumed in the present moment, in the presence of unconditional love.

Oneness begins with awareness. Understandably, the idea that you are one with Source may seem impossible initially but through quiet meditation, going within and tuning into the stillness that is already present in all of us will reveal the reality of it. In other words, a spiritual teacher can point you inward, offer you insights, but the experience of oneness is direct and personal.

The healing potential in oneness is almost beyond words. Clearing up our energetic fields, healing us from within, the power of oneness can then extend to our outer world. Unlike the limiting nature of separation, oneness is unlimited in what it can produce within and without. A direct experience with Source Energy, oneness is where you find your authentic self and all the tools necessary to make one’s life a success.

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Energy Healing

The Spontaneous Nature of Quantum Healing



Strawberry photoThe Spontaneous Nature of Quantum Healing

In the quantum field there is no time, not in the linear sense. Everything is happening now, in real-time; past, present, and future are layered on top of each other, creating the moments of our lives. In the field of potential and possibility, there are countless versions of everything, everyone. Every possible outcome and experience are found in the unseen; it houses all possibility. A boundless and limitless reality, the quantum realm is not limited by the laws of this world.

The quantum field is everywhere and now-here. It’s within and without and it’s present for those who become aware of it, and choose to merge with it. Because the nature of the field is spontaneous, those who come into alignment with it will too, become more spontaneous, see greater potential within themselves and see possibility in everything, including adversity. Challenges become opportunities to grow as one is tested at times to go beyond their comfort zone.

When it comes to healing, true healing, it begins within the aspects of mind, body and spirit. Quantum healing looks beyond the symptoms and directs itself straight to the cause, the source of the issue. Sifting through the emotional layers and years of human conditioning, expanded awareness seeks to find the root cause, face it, forgive it, and alchemize it through the power of unconditional love. Purifying, a quantum approach to well-being brings the power of light, the most powerful cleanser there is.

As one comes into greater alignment with the quantum field, a shift takes place; from a space of resistance to one of allowing. Surrender begins to merge within the individual consciousness, making it possible for the spontaneous expression of universal energy to be realized as healing. This is one main aspect of the quantum field; it is desire…the desire for the potential within it to be actualized. In other words, life seeks to express itself all-ways.

Being in alignment, that surrendered state of awareness, clears the energetic roadblocks that prevent spontaneous healing. Everything is consciousness and when it comes to mind, body and spirit, consciousness always seeks to be in balance. Everything is always speaking to us; our physical bodies, our emotions, our well-being or lack thereof. Tuning into the body’s wisdom, acknowledging our emotions and recognizing what they’re trying to tell us, paying attention to how we feel is self-empowering and expands our awareness.

Through that greater awareness, we come closer to understanding the nature of consciousness, the potential within it as we see the positive effects of being in alignment, centered in oneself. Anchored in the present moment, time is no longer a consequence. A life can be healed, on all levels in one instant; that is the power and potential that is within us, within the quantum field of consciousness. Transcendent in every way, pure awareness doesn’t stop to contemplate how long one has endured a particular condition because only the one moment is acknowledged in the spiritual realm.  The field of unconditional love, the quantum reality’s effects are always maximal. Love is what is always being expressed from the field, because that’s what it is. Let’s now look at three insights that will help shift you into greater alignment and awareness of the spontaneous and healing reality of the quantum field:

  • Fear is that which stifles spontaneous healing. It’s the shadow self, the egoic aspect of us that blankets our awareness of the field of potential and possibility.
  • Desire and intention can shift reality. It’s the doorway to making change within ourselves and the world around us.
  • The closer one is in alignment with their inner being, the closer one is to experiencing the soul’s spontaneous nature. And the now moment is the key to this realization.

The soul, our very minds are our connection to the quantum field and its spontaneous healing potential. Moving past self-limiting beliefs, facing our fears, makes room for the soul to come to our awareness. And It gives our highest self the potential to express itself through us as the miracle of healing on the quantum levels of mind and spirit which can then translate into the physical.

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Energy Healing

Self-Love Changes Everything




When we understand ourselves, why we’ve operated the way we have, and understand the purpose behind our past experiences, we can be led to clarity; and by seeing our true self which is only covered by the blanket of ego consciousness, we can remember that we are in fact unconditional love in essence. The purpose of this article is to pull away the curtain and see beyond the sometimes confusion of emotions and see ourselves as we truly are. With some awareness, self-understanding and self-forgiveness, we can allow the flowering and expression of pure love to flow throughout our minds and hearts.

As children we are sponges, unable to guard our minds, and so we absorb the energy fields around us, and from the collective ego consciousness. We learn how to react by watching television, and by observing others-our parents, siblings, friends, even strangers, become angry and argue. We are bombarded with a particular way of being the moment we show up on this planet, and because of that, we unknowingly become extensions of our environments. The goal here is not to point blame on any one or any generation; our parents, and their parents, and their parent’s parents, and so on, all learned and took on the same egoic consciousness. It’s part of the human experience; it’s what makes us feel separate from one another and Source Energy. What it also does, is have us think that human love, conditional love, is what real love is.

Through the human experience we accumulate layers of emotion year after year and what that does to virtually all of us is that it pulls our awareness further and further from our inner being. This is why children are for the most part, quite care-free; they are still quite connected to Source Energy and haven’t yet experienced the heaviness that comes with adulthood. Understanding that the accumulation of emotions, like anger, resentment and jealousy for example, are part of the “isness” of being human, we can begin a process of self-forgiveness, of letting the past go and it’s heaviness by understanding that we didn’t know any different; we forgot who we are in a spiritual sense.

Forgiveness starts with us. Choosing to release ourselves of an emotion like guilt, we can then extend forgiveness to others. This is a liberating act and one that not only clears up our energetic fields, but also changes everything. Based in unconditional love, forgiveness opens the door for the greater expression of unconditional love from within ourselves. Peeling the layers of emotion back, what we find is our inner being, the true self, the soul which has never judged, and is beyond perception. The soul is an extension of Source Energy; it is Source Energy. Allowing unconditional love through forgiveness to remind us who we really are, allows us to love our Self, and love Source Energy within us.

Being in the space of radical forgiveness, we extend its far-reaching power to everything and everyone. Having started with ourselves, we have the opportunity and power to extend it to others, the world and if need be, to Source Energy itself. By forgiving Source, we forgive ourselves. Because Source is one with us and by consciously going within and thinking or saying, “I forgive myself, I forgive my-Self, I release myself”, begins the process of tearing down the energetic barriers between our local self, and the universal self. And in taking that action, we allow the flow of unconditional love to easily flow to us and through us. Source has never stopped loving us. We are loved unconditionally, so much that, Source gave us the free will to come into this realm and forget our connection with the All That Is. That is pure love, that’s unconditional love. Understanding that we’re never being punished but rather that we’re powerful creators, we have to forget the power we have inside of us, experience what happens when we operate as anything but our true selves, the challenges and adversities that come with it, in order to create the desire to come back home, into the safety, remembrance and oneness of Source Energy.

Making the return back to unconditional love we align ourselves with our inner being. Judgment is replaced with witnessing; anger is dissolved by the power of forgiveness and confusion and misunderstandings are replaced with clarity and innerstanding-understanding from the inside-out. Being in the light of unconditional love changes every aspect of one’s life as this love is all-encompassing. It simply extends, giving of itself freely

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